Explore the enchanting mountain town of Zermatt with Human Again’s transformative 7-day itinerary, combining mindful exploration, biohacking activities, guided adventures, sustainability education, and biohacking recovery techniques. This unique experience offers a harmonious blend of adventure, mindfulness, and sustainability, fostering personal growth in the heart of the Swiss Alps.

What to Expect:

Enchanting Adventures: Immerse yourself in Zermatt’s breathtaking landscapes with exhilarating activities such as high-altitude skiing, guided mountain biking, and a cultural ride on the Gornergrat Railway, offering awe-inspiring views of the majestic peaks.

Wellness Oasis: Indulge in the luxury of Zermatt’s wellness spas, where rejuvenation meets the serene backdrop of the Swiss Alps. Experience the therapeutic benefits of contrast therapy, potentially utilizing natural mountain streams, for a holistic wellness retreat.

Joyful Playfulness: Rediscover the joy of adventure with a spectrum of exciting experiences, from gentle acclimatization hikes to cultural tours of the car-free village. Zermatt beckons you to embrace the wonder of play in the heart of the Swiss Alps.

Who Can Join:

Calling All Adventurers: Rediscover Yourself in Zermatt! Whether you’re a seasoned explorer or a first-time adventurer, all you need is the spirit of curiosity and a longing for self-discovery.

Embark on an extraordinary journey to Zermatt with Human Again, where you’ll forge connections with nature, fellow travelers, and your inner self. This isn’t merely a sojourn to the Alps; it’s a transformative quest, creating enduring memories and enriching experiences. Reconnect with your essence, rejuvenate your spirit, and emerge from the Swiss Alps truly Human Again!

Zermatt, Switzerland: Where Adventure Meets Mountain Magic

Zermatt is a picturesque mountain resort in the Swiss Alps, best known for its close proximity to the Matterhorn, one of the world’s most famous mountains. The car-free village is renowned for its old-world charm, with traditional chalets dotting the landscape.

Zermatt offers a year-round outdoor playground, with skiing, climbing, hiking and mountain biking being popular activities. It also boasts several wellness spas, luxury accommodations, and gourmet restaurants. The Gornergrat railway, Europe’s highest open-air train, offers breathtaking views of the surrounding peaks.

With an abundance of alpine flora and fauna, the region’s biodiversity is a testament to life’s resilience in harsh conditions. Furthermore, Zermatt’s dedication to sustainable living practices and its focus on maintaining the natural beauty of the Alps serve as an inspiring example of harmonious coexistence with nature.

Embark on a 7-Day Alpine Awakening

Day 1 – Arrival & Introduction: Arrival at Zermatt. Welcome session, introduction to mindfulness, and setting intentions for the journey.

Day 2 – Mindful Exploration of Zermatt: Guided tour to explore Zermatt’s charm, history, and unique ecology. Practice mindful walking and observation exercises.

Day 3 – Biohacking & High Altitude Adaptation: Workshop on biohacking tools for high-altitude adjustment and performance. Start gentle acclimatization activities like short hikes in the surrounding area.

Day 4 – Mindful Mountain Biking incl. Gornergrat Railway: Eengage in a guided mountain activity. Focus on mindfulness in action and cultivating presence amidst the exhilarating/cultural ride and appreciate the breathtaking mountain landscapes.

Day 5 – Guided Hiking & Nature Immersion: Full-day mindful hiking adventure, with emphasis on breathwork, mindful movement, and nature-based mindfulness exercises.

Day 6 – Sustainability Education and Action Day: Participate in a workshop on Zermatt’s sustainable practices. Contribute to a local sustainable initiative, such as a cleanup activity or tree-planting project.

Day 7 – Biohacking Recovery Techniques & Departure: Discuss biohacking recovery techniques such as contrast therapy (potentially using natural mountain streams), reflections, and sharing of experiences. Participants can also enjoy wellness spa treatments or explore the village at leisure.

Group size:

Physical rating:


min. 4, max. 10

4 / 5 (medium+)

Adventure, Wellbeing, Wildlife




4-Star Hotel or Private Lodge


on request (all-inclusive, but international flights)

This itinerary offers a unique blend of adventure, mindfulness, sustainability, and personal growth in the captivating environment of Zermatt. It promotes responsible tourism and fosters a deep appreciation and understanding of the Alpine wilderness.

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